Estonian brand born in Saaremaa


Practical and comfortable, timeless and unique

Mönna is an Estonian brand from Saaremaa that offers practical and comfortable clothing, children’s products, and home textiles. The main focus of the brand is casual-style products characterised by ease, soft lines, timeless design, and distinctiveness.


Ultimate softness and comfort

Cozy Mönna sweatshirts and sweatpants are made from soft and thick organic cotton fabric that keeps you warm and comfortable in our ever-changing climate. Based on the needs and different body types of our clients, we have created cut styles and size measurements specific to Mönna that will help you find the right and best-fitting tracksuit.


Naturally playful

Our children’s products are designed with both children and parents in mind. For the child the most important thing is play and discovering the world, while a parent wants safety and chemical-free natural materials for their child. It is with such principles that we have created Mönna children’s products.

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